About me

Highly Professional Teacher

My name is Anthony Taylor, and I am an English teacher living in Auckland, New Zealand. I have been teaching English since 1992. I find it a rewarding and satisfying job. My experience has included teaching at all levels. However over recent years I have specialised in teaching IELTS and Academic English. Because I have such wide and considerable experience in teaching these levels, I can explain the most effective ways to achieve success.



I offer high quality, personalized English lessons designed to help you achieve the best possible outcome. As an experienced and qualified teacher my aim is to help reach your goal in getting a good result in the IELTS exam in all  4 sections. In my experience, the most successful learners are the most hardworking and my job is to be your guide. My lessons are practical, motivating and stimulating.


The best thing about my job is meeting people from around the world and sharing experiences with them.


  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Auckland


  • Certificate of Language teaching to Adults, Auckland University of Technology

  •   Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Certificate, Transformations NZ