About me

My name is Anthony Taylor, and I am an English teacher living in Auckland, New Zealand. I have been teaching English since 1992. I have had experience in teaching in my hometown Auckland as well as teaching in Australia and South Korea.



I find it a rewarding and satisfying job. My experience has included teaching at all the various levels. However, over recent years I have specialised in teaching IELTS and Academic English. Because I have such wide and considerable experience in teaching these levels, I can explain the most effective ways to achieve success.



I offer high quality, personalized English lessons designed to help you achieve the best possible outcome. In my time as a teacher, I have found the most successful learners are the most hardworking and my job is to be your mentor and guide. I offer high quality, personalised English language lessons designed to help you achieve your aims. As an experienced, qualified teacher I aim to get you communicating in English My lessons are useful as well as being motivating and stimulating.


The thing that I like most about my job is meeting people from around the globe and sharing experiences with them.